PARC makes renting easy

PARC Property Management makes renting easy. The following items are what we need from our renters when reviewing their rental applications. Keep in mind that most applications are processed within 3 business days of submission.

Application Fees & Guidelines

An application fee of $55 is required for any occupant 18 years of age or older. A $3 credit card processing fee will also be charged. The application fee is non-refundable. Applications will not be processed until the application fee is paid. If there is more than one adult per household, the application will not be processed until all applicants have applied.


Applicants are required to make at least 3 times the monthly rent. (For example, the gross household income must be at least $3,000 for a home that rents for $1,000 per month.) All verifiable household income will be considered. You must have 2 years uninterrupted employment history.

Credit Score

Applicants with credit scores between 520-620 will be considered. Your credit report should reflect little to no unpaid debt.

Pet Policy

PARC Property Management is a pet-friendly company and we realize that most households have some type of animal. PARC Property Management accepts applicants with verified emotional support animals and service animals. Pets Fees: Our general policy is to charge a $200 non-refundable fee for the first pet and $200 for each additional pet. There is also a $25 per pet, monthly pet lease. An additional deposit may be required for applicants who have more than 3 pets. Breed restrictions may apply. We waive pet deposits and pet lease fees for service animals and emotional support animals upon receipt of written documentation from an authorized medical provider. Tenants are responsible for any damage caused by a pet – even if the up front pet deposit is waived.


Applicants are required to take possession of the home within 3 weeks of final approval.


Any bankruptcy must be discharged and at least 1 yr old with new/ positive credit established.

Criminal Background

A criminal background check will be run on each applicant. An applicant will be denied for any felony conviction within the past 5 years or if they have ever been convicted of a sex crime.

Self-Employed Individuals

For self-employed people, we will need the following proof of income:
Two years of your most recent tax returns and the last 3 months of bank statements.

Renters Insurance Policy

The policy protects against losses to the Tenant’s personal property (due to any sort of event: theft, fire, water leak, etc.) within the rental property. In addition, the renters insurance policy protects against losses resulting from liability claims, such as injuries occurring on the premises that are the liability of the Tenant. We have several local insurance agencies that can help you out, or the insurance can be purchased at the Tenant Portal. Another common source is through your car insurance provider.

$100,000 personal liability coverage
PARC Real Estate to be listed as an “Interested Party”
Positive and valid rental history required for all applicants, 1 year minimum.

All choices of personal belonging coverage and medical payments are up to the Tenant. The traditional renters insurance policy will generally run anywhere between $20-$30 per month. It is a small investment that can save Tenants a lot of money should something happen.

Previous Rental History

A valid, positive, minimum 1 yr rental history is needed for final approval. PARC will confirm all rental addresses and seek a reference from the Landlord. Familial occupations, room rentals, or the Owner residing at the same address will not be considered as a valid rental situation.

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